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    Research shows that yoga can be a powerful tool for eliciting the relaxation response, which is the opposite of the stress response. Learning how to turn off the body's stress hormones is an important part of heart health. With soft soothing music as the background, the narrator begins with a centering exercise to help you turn inward, quiet your mind and set an intention for practice. Then, with a series of easy-to-follow instructions, the narrator guides you through several yoga postures called assans. Finally, you are guided into savasana ­ a deep relaxation of body, mind and inner peace.  Gentle yoga CD 
    With soft, soothing music as the background, the narrator takes you first to a special place of your choosing, where you find comfort and peace. Then you are taken to a waterfall in a forest where you are encouraged to let go of stress. Finally, you are taken to the people in your life who love and support you.  Guided imagery CD 
    Relaxing into the Natural Rhythm of Your Breath guides listeners into a quiet meditative state. With soft soothing music in the background, the narrator helps you let go of muscle tension and focus on the natural, healing rhythm of the breath.    Relaxing into rhythm of breath CD 
    Jan Mulrooney-Kuhn, CHM, shares her talents with the patients, staff and visitors at St. John's Hospital. Now she is sharing her healing harp music with everyone in a new CD titled "Uriel." Featuring a variety of musical selections, including "Uriel's Song," "Brahms" Lullaby," "In the Garden," "Amazing Grace" and "The Prayer of St. Francis," Jan's music will delight all who hear it.

    All CDs are available for purchase at the Center for Living in Prairie Heart Institute for $15 or by mail order by sending $18 to:
    Prairie Heart Institute
    619 E. Mason
    Springfield, IL  62701