• Meet our team
    TAVR Group of 4 Doctors 
    Left to right:  Drs. Gregory Mishkel, John Gill,
    William Stevens and Carl Arentzen

    As a national leader in cardiac care, St. John’s Hospital is bringing visionary procedures to Central Illinois. TAVR requires extensive training and cooperation among a team of doctors and other health professionals.

    In most cases, a team conducting a TAVR procedure will include:

    • A cardiac surgeon, who determines the most appropriate candidates for TAVR, and plays a critical role in ensuring optimal outcomes by offering their surgical expertise as needed during the transfemoral TAVR procedure.
    • An interventional cardiologist (IC) works closely with a cardiac surgeon in the evaluation of potential candidates for TAVR. ICs perform transfemoral TAVR in a cardiac cath lab or hybrid operating room (OR) aided by imaging equipment to assist with optimal valve delivery and placement.
    • An anesthesiologist is responsible for ensuring safe delivery of anesthesia before and during the procedure, monitoring the patient during the procedure and overseeing post-procedure care.
    • An echocardiographer uses ultrasound technology to examine and evaluate the function of the heart including valve function and blood flow.
    • The cath lab and OR staff assist with device as well as room preparation, and closely monitor the patient and procedure environment both during and after the procedure.


    TAVR Group of Docs  TAVR Staff 
    Left to right: Drs. Nilesh Goswami, Gregory Mishkel, Roberto Pacheco, William Stevens, Carl Arentzen, Jeffrey Goldstein, Robert Woodruff and Shailesh Nandish.  Back row, left to right: JD Gilmore, Dan Carlove, John Hulcher, Nancy Dust, Tracy Teague and Janet Roglis. Front row: Jill Westfall, Kim Carpenter, Jennifer Thomas and Judy Thompson. 
    TAVR-Group-In-lobby  Left to right- Jessica Rose, Kristin Doster, Dr. Gregory Mishkel, Lisa Dixon, Charlene Shallow