• Facilities, Technology and other Locations 

    There’s a reason top cardiac specialists travel from as far away as Europe and the Middle East to pursue their life’s work in Springfield. Working at Prairie Heart Institute in Springfield, IL gives heart care experts access to the latest technology, a supportive, team-focused atmosphere and the ideal environment for ushering in the future of cardiac care. 

    Our internationally known reputation precedes us 

    Every year, our growing reputation for cardiac excellence continues to attract patients from around the state to Prairie Heart Institute. Those from nearby cities like St. Louis, Chicago and Indianapolis frequently travel here to be treated for routine heart conditions. However, it’s not uncommon for patients with more complex heart issues to travel from as far away as Europe, Asia or the Middle East to be treated by our renowned cardiac specialists and physicians

    Providing the best possible heart care, everywhere 

    Prairie Heart Institute’s mission has always focused on bringing the highest level of cardiac care to those who need it most. Establishing a network of Prairie Heart Institute hospital partners allows us to provide patients in rural communities with access to world-class physicians and specialists. And, with innovative procedures like TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement), we’re bringing a whole new world of healing and hope to people throughout the heartland. 

    Conveniently located outpatient testing facility 

    Many cardiac diagnostic procedures are done on an outpatient basis today. St. John's Prairie Diagnostic Center is a separate facility located on corner of 4th and Carpenter streets in Springfield. Cardiac catheterization, cardiac CT scan and vascular ultrasound testing is performed here.