• Corporate Wellness 

    The Center for Living in the Prairie Heart Institute at St. John’s Hospital is committed to helping employers and employees of our community prevent cardiovascular disease. Our on-site cardiovascular risk assessment* gives employees the information they need to make informed decisions about their health. In three easy steps, we will test, assess and educate your employees on how they can reduce their risk for heart disease. 

    Step 1: Test Your employees will learn their “numbers” based on a series of simple tests. They will need to fast (not eat or drink anything for 12 hours) before these tests.

    Test includes: 
    • Total cholesterol
    • HDL “good” cholesterol
    • LDL “bad” cholesterol
    • VLDL “bad” cholesterol
    • Total cholesterol:
    • HDL ratio
    • Triglycerides
    • Blood glucose
    • BMI – Body Mass Index
    • Percent body fat
    • Waist circumference
    • Blood pressure

    Step 2: Assess After getting their test numbers, employees will meet one-on-one with a nurse for a risk consultation. 

    Step 3: Educate At the conclusion of the testing period, we will provide a 30-minute presentation to help your employees understand their numbers and what they need to do to take control of their health and prevent cardiovascular disease. We will close with a short stress management session that will teach simple skills to better manage stress and enhance personal self-care. Your employees will receive information and resources that will help them make the lifestyle changes needed to prevent cardiovascular disease and improve overall health. 

    Fee: $60/person 

    Call (217) 544-LIVE (5483) to learn more.

    *The Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment is not intended to diagnose cardiovascular disease. Participants are encouraged to share their results with their health care provider