• Visionary Cardiac Procedures

    At Prairie Heart Institute, we believe every heart condition deserves to be treated with the highest level of care and expertise. With the combined experience of more than 85 specialists, we are uniquely qualified to handle any heart-related condition or development, from the common to the complex. 

    In addition, our expertise in performing the latest minimally invasive procedures allows our cardiac teams to enhance outcomes and minimize patients’ recovery times. 

    Our advanced procedures are making history and creating hope

    From forward-thinking researchers to trailblazing surgeons and specialists, Prairie Heart Institute is committed to bringing tomorrow’s visionary cardiac procedures right here to the heartland. 

    They include: 

    Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Procedure (TAVR) – Also known as The Hope Procedure, The Prairie Heart Institute at St. John’s Hospital was the first hospital in downstate Illinois to perform this visionary alternative to open-heart surgery. Learn more about TAVR here.

    Laser Lead Extractions – For patients with pacemakers, laser lead extraction offers a less invasive, more effective way to extract the device’s wires (or leads). 

    EP Ablations – During this advanced procedure to treat heart arrhythmia, an electrode catheter is used to cauterize the area of the heart causing the rhythm abnormalities. 

    LARIAT® – For patients who cannot take blood thinners, the LARIAT Suture Device ties off the heart’s left atrial appendage to block stroke-causing blood clots from reaching the brain. 

    Additional services and procedures performed at Prairie Heart Institute.