Stop Smoking Start Living
  • Stop Smoking...Start Living  

    If you are like most people who want to learn more about Stop Smoking ... Start Living, you have tried everything and nothing has worked. Maybe you are ready to give up — but don’t. There is hope. Quitting smoking is not about just breaking a “bad habit.” It is about changing your life so cigarettes are no longer a part of it. We can help.

    Sign up for our three-week group program. During the program, you will learn:

    • How to identify what triggers your smoking and make lasting changes that will keep you smoke free.
    • How to live more in the moment so you can respond — rather than react — to thoughts, feelings and situations that would normally trigger smoking.
    • Communication skills to help you get the most from your support system.
    • Coping techniques to offset any nicotine cravings.
    • How to relax deeply and affirm living a smoke-free life.
    • How to cope with stress in ways that improve your overall well-being.
    • In addition, you will receive three acupuncture treatments the week you quit smoking. Research shows acupuncture decreases the nicotine cravings and other withdrawal symptoms and supports the body as it rids itself of the harmful chemicals in cigarettes.

    Classes begin the last Wednesday of every month.

    Program graduates can attend the Stop Smoking ... Start Living support group that meets monthly at St. John’s Center for Living.

    For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (217) 544-LIVE (5483).