Stop Smoking Start Living
  • Stop Smoking...Start Living  

    Quitting smoking is not about just breaking a “bad habit.” It is about changing your life so cigarettes are no longer a part of it. Our three week program “Stop Smoking...Start Living” is designed to empower you to:

    • Identify what triggers your smoking and make lasting changes that will keep you smoke free.
    • Live more in the moment so you can respond — rather than react — to thoughts, feelings and situations that would normally trigger smoking. 
    • Develop communication skills to help you get the most from your support system. 
    • Utilize coping techniques to offset any nicotine cravings. 
    • Relax deeply and affirm living a smoke-free life. 
    • Cope with stress in ways that improve your overall well-being. 


    In addition, you will receive three acupuncture treatments. Research shows acupuncture decreases the nicotine cravings and other withdrawal symptoms, and supports the body as it rids itself of the harmful chemicals in cigarettes.

    Registration Fee:  $350

    Group Program     Dates/Times 
    Week 1:  Coaching Session  Thursday, September 11, 6 - 8 PM 
    Week 2:  3 Acupuncture treatments         Week of September 15 (individual appointments) 
    Week 3:  Coaching Session  Thursday, September 25, 6 - 7:30 PM 

    Registration deadline: Monday, September 8


    Individual Program:  Can't make it to the group sessions? Take advantage of our individual program. It includes all the elements of the group sessions but customized to your schedule. Fee:  $400 

    Stop Smoking...Start Living Support Group meets on the first Wednesday of each month (6 - 7:30 PM) at the Center for Living and is open to all program graduates! 


     For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (217) 544-LIVE (5483). 

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