Insight Meditation Ancient Wisdom
  • Insight Meditation: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

    This class explores a 2,500 year old tradition that addresses the problem of suffering and the path to liberation from suffering. The heart of this program is the practice of vipassana, translated as insight meditation.The word vipassana means “to see clearly.” Through the practice of insight meditation, participants will come to see clearly for themselves the habit energies that create suffering for them and cultivate a relationship to their lives that brings freedom from that suffering.


    Facilitator:   Bridget Rolens, MA, BSOT    
    Dates:  Future class dates to be announced     


     What is Insight Meditation? This hour and half session will give you an overview of Insight Meditation which will help you determine if you would like to attend the five week session above.


                     Future dates to be announced 



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