Rolens_Bridget2013 Mind-Body Skills Instructor
    Bridget Rolens

    Bridget Rolens MA, BSOT,teaches mind-body medicine classes at the St. John’s Center for Living. In addition to an undergraduate degree in occupational therapy and masters in liturgical theology, she has formal training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, a mind-body medicine model developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine. Bridget has taught this method of stress management since 2005.

    Thirty years of experience in traditional health care, mind-body medicine and a variety of meditation practices have given Bridget a strong understanding of the connection between body, mind and spirit in promoting health and well-being. Bridget’s deep passion is to help people attain freedom from the forces that bind the mind and heart in suffering.

    Yi Karpen Tai Chi Instructor
    Yi Karpen Yi Karpen, MS has a bachelor's degree in physical education from Shanghai Institute of Physical Education and a master's degree in exercise physiology from the University of Wisconsin. Growing up in China, she experienced tai chi as a natural healing practice for people of all ages. Today, she works at the Prairie Heart Institute as an exercise physiologist and teaches tai chi through community classes. Yi's expertise, commitment and desire to help her students experience the health-promoting benefits of tai chi create a unique learning experience for those who study with her.

    Erin-Steinhauer Massage Therapist
    Erin Steinhauer, LMT Erin Steinhauer is an licensed massage therapist with eight years of experience. She performs circulatory massage and touch therapy for those wanting a lighter, more relaxing therapeutic experience, as well as deep tissue and compression therapy for those individuals with more injury-specific issues (sciatica, neck pain, back surgeries, etc.). Erin is a graduate of the Practitioner of Healing Arts program through the Windemere Institute of Healing Arts in Madison, WI. She also has a B.A. in sociology from SIU-C with a background in crisis counseling and advocacy. She is looking forward to expanding her knowledge and experience.

    Ellen-Wesley Yoga Instructor
    Ellen Wesley Ellen Wesley, 200 RYT, has practiced several styles of hatha yoga, predominantly ashtanga and vinyasa styles, for seven years. Ellen's interest in gaining more knowledge and awareness in a personal practice led to a teacher training program and a certification as a yoga instructor. Ellen has taught various classes including prenatal, seniors, gentle/restorative and vinyasa flow style classes.  She enjoys studying and learning about many aspects of yoga, including anatomy, physical mechanics and the mind-body-breath connection. Ellen enjoys most in assisting others to “find their own” yoga practice and sharing the health benefits of yoga with others.